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Everybody fucks up. Most of us get lucky.
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14th-Feb-2008 10:16 am - Moralicide is 3 years old today.
e kissing j
My drafting table is still in the garage. Though, to be honest, I have running nightmares about my class load right now. Except for last night, when I fell asleep writing my paper, dreamed that it was completely optional anyway... and then woke up with my face in a philosophy of language text.

So, I don't really have time, and it's a terribly amateur comic by somebody who still doesn't know what they're doing. Well. I'm working on carving more productivity out of my days. Somehow.

Last night, matociquala posted about domestic violence.

She linked to this.
And this.

And pussinboots said this.

It's not love if you're not free to leave.

Happy Birthday, Moralicide.
Happy Valentine's Day, Internet.

No. I haven't given up, yet.
12th-Oct-2007 09:17 am(no subject)
Ta-daa! I actually updated!

Go see!
9th-Aug-2007 02:59 pm - Feel Free to delete this :)
Kanon- one of those days
I'm busting into your head space to cheer you on for more Moralicide! AND! to tell you that you are now linked again from my comic site, which is slowly coming together again!...gratuitous link: (spadescomic.com)

Feel free to totally invade me back ;)
7th-Aug-2007 03:44 pm - And now: A forum!
Kiedis Grr
Now there is a forum for Moralicide. :)

Hooray! Come, join, make posts and talk.
2nd-Jul-2007 10:08 pm - UPDATE.
Shit, you'd almost think I knew what I was doing.


Tell your friends.

And quit touching yourselves, damn it.
19th-Jun-2007 01:28 pm - Special LiveJournal Preview
Returning to make sweet love to your face on July 1.

Some worksafe pencils for y'all.Collapse )
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